Maximum Year Range


This property allows you to define minimum range of years to show on Year Scroll Field.

You may want your users to select a year from the future such as an upcoming event or a milestone etc. In that case, you should set the YearRangeMax to an appropriate number such as 50. This will provide users the option to select from 51 years including the current year.

You can set this option along with YearRangeMin at the same time to give your users a wide range of years to choose from. However, be aware that using large values may cause performance issues. In addition, both of these values are relative to the current year. You may set both values to zero but the current year will always be visible.




AMADatePicker.ADP.YearRangeMax = 50; 


using UnityEngine;
using AMADatePicker;

public class DateViewer : MonoBehavior

// Get reference to an ADP instance through the inspector
[SerializeField] private ADP _ADPInstance;

// Considering current year as 2021...
// ...(at the time of documentation)...
// ...the year range available...
// ...will be 1921 to 2071.
private void Start()
    AMADatePicker.ADP.YearRangeMin = 100;
    AMADatePicker.ADP.YearRangeMax = 50;

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